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With nearly 20 years of experience in the shredding industry, our leading software, Shred-Logix, was exclusively designed by a Shred Head for Shred Heads just like you! Cousins Criss Frost and William F. Becker Jr. embarked on their shredding business journey in February 2006 in Metro Detroit, armed with just one new truck and no customers. They earned each new customer through excellent responsiveness and reliable service, navigating the challenges of the great recession that hit Detroit hard. To survive the economic storm, they had to become nimble, resourceful, and highly efficient, devising multiple tools to manage and grow their business to multiple trucks, a 15,000-square-foot facility housing a paper bailing operation, a records center, and an office.

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Prior to founding the shredding company, Criss's expertise spanned IT management, business process improvement, and business integration, leading multi-million dollar projects in various industries. Frustrated with the available tools in the shredding community after the sale of their business, Criss combined his background with shredding and records storage experience to start Propel (now Propel Advantage) in 2015. The goal was to develop an all-inclusive web application, Shred-Logix, offering a visual way to manage shredding and records storage businesses.

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Drawing on valuable input from other Shred Heads Criss knows in the industry, Shred-Logix has continuously evolved and developed with over 3,000 updates to date, exclusively for the shredding industry. Many of our customers have played a vital role in shaping Propel Advantage’s Shred-Logix, contributing new ideas and solutions that benefit the entire community. With new updates released almost every week, Shred-Logix isn't a collection of rebranded tools; we own and develop all our code, welcoming your ideas to continually enhance and make your shredding business easier!